Andy Spence studied Graphic Design for four years at Gloucester College of Art. He was given his first job working at Art & Design Limited in Gloucester as a junior paste up artist.

The head of Studio, Simon Allen (an all round genius with a Rotring, scalpel and a bit of CS10) took him under his wing.
Having served his apprenticeship he then spent two years in the Creative Department under the magical influence of Francis Bacon (No, not the one you're thinking.) He was incredibly fortunate that they were both willing to share every ounce of their
vast knowledge.

In 1987 Andy became Art Director and was asked to open a sister Art & Design Ltd in Swindon. Clients included Marlboro, Castrol, Brown Brothers, Cow & Gate, Kraft Foods and Mitsubishi cars. Having spent spent three years in Old Town Swindon,
he went freelance in 1990.

For four years he had been commuting up and down the M4 from Chiswick and had moved to Windsor just before going freelance. He was given a retainer at Owls Limited (a section of Clark Hooper before becoming-Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO)
and was a regular creative freelancer at Barrett Howe Ltd in Windsor.

During his last year at Art & Design he had been introduced to the very different world of television and was asked to create some logo and marketing designs for a programme 'Red Dwarf.' He worked on many programmes for Noel Gay TV and through their connections was invited to work in the Art Department alongside Set Designer Jonathan Paul Green on the satirical series 'Rory Bremner Who Else?' for Kudos Productions. Since 1993 they have worked together on countless Comedy, BAFTA and Emmy award winning shows.

Design for print still makes up the majority of Andy's work and he has once again been fortunate in meeting and working with Lance Fincham (CCS Print) from 1990 onwards. His knowledge of print and his exacting eye for quality is legendary within the industry.

Thank you for visiting this site. Andy is still freelance and still brandish's the Magic Markers from time to time although most of his work is now produced on the Mac. Andy would welcome the opportunity to discuss any of your design requirements.